The power of value of Money

images (1)To a point I agree that money can be evil, the problem is not the money but in how we see it use it and value it. If we could have the same value on people planet and life as we do on money then we would have some equality of life. We all need money to afford good health a nice home a quality of life and to fund our purpose, we would be lying if we thought we could live without it, I have tried and believe me no money is painful as is hunger bad health no shelter no value on one self.

Imagine how we can make the world a happier place with positive money!
It is ok to have a nice home, car life style as long as you are doing it for you and not to impress people. It is great to have all of these things if you work ethically and do not become a slave to your work. It is great to be able to travel and see how others live, it teaches you value of your lives. It is great to be rich if you enrich some else at the same time. It is fabulous to be able to spoil your family friend’s people you care for as long as they feel comfortable with it and you are not flaunting it in their faces and even if they are not rich do not feel poor in your presence.

So how about we give money the same value and importance that we would a good friend a family member or our selves, respect it for what it allows you to do, value the work effort and ethics you put in to require it and spend it not to please or flaunt it to others, but to do good for yourself others and a cause bigger than you. For when you give back you receive forward something more special than money, a joy of the purpose of life.
My mother gave me some wonderful advice growing up, but it took me too many years to learn it.
The value you put on your self is the value people take you for.
So walk in YOUR value and not the value of what money can buy and rejoice in the true value of your soul and its riches.

By Sara Troy

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