Are We Listening To The Signs of Life?


All the signs your life needs to flourish are out there waiting for you to see them. Listen and the questions will be answered. There is nothing more irritating than talking to someone who is looking at you but not listening. Clear your mind, tune all other things from your mind and tune into what is being said to you.
My word what a concept, just tuning into one thing at a time. My how your knowledge of things grows and you’re understanding. There is something inside of you telling you what to do. Amazing isn’t it? Listening to your inner self and tune into your outer environment is great because it clarifies many things that you have been confused about, the answers are always there, you just have to listen to them to hear them.
You do not have to do everything today, one thing at a time, it makes for a job done well and for more appreciation of the doing of it.
Your soul speaks to your heart which ignites your spirit into action and then it hits the mind, the mind is in a divine knowingness and in no doubt of what is in front of you.
Deep breath, feel your thoughts do not think them, relax and let the knowledge of the Universe speak to you as it is your celestial signpost.

When you rush things you cannot do the job well. When you short change yourself you cheapen the value you put on yourself and others in your life. Think of yourself as a retirement plan, a well planned and good investment makes for a harmonious retirement.
Invest in yourself with time, energy and values. There is no quick fix, no shortcuts, time is all you have, so use it wisely and learn to trust your instincts by listening to the world around you. The universe is shouting at you to listen and learn, so there is no time like the present to begin. Stop what you are doing, relax, tune out the noise to tune in and trust what comes to you. It takes time to do this with ease but with practice, it becomes second nature and a must. Some people take up Yoga; meditation, walking, singing, dancing, writing, communicating, others can do it by listening to classical music, some like to run, ski, fly, explore. First find that space that speaks to you and tune in, find a way to slow down. Stretch your arms outside to side so that you can feel the very end of your fingertips. Dance the blues away with sultry tangos or energy releasing salsa. No matter what you do, you must feel alive doing it. When you feel that life energy running through your veins that is when you start to feel your life has meaning. REMEMBER THERE IS NO QUICK FIX. You get out of life what you put into it. You must enjoy all its flavours one at a time to appreciate it.
So are you going to slow down and tune into yourself? And are you going to make an effort to listen to what others have to say? Most importantly, are you going to try to listen out and watch for the signs they are there to guide you. It is all up to you, try it and see, you never know it just might work. Remember a person who values themselves will also value others around them.

Harmony to us all.
Sara Troy

Of Self Discovery Radio
Written 2011 revised 2013.


Again I do a show on  SARA’s View Of Life on the signs in our lives, repetitive-life-signs

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3 Responses to Are We Listening To The Signs of Life?

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  2. Hi Sara,

    I have been putting great efforts into being mindful lately. It makes me feel wonderful knowing that when my children or husband or friend is giving me the gift of their story that I am fully present. I have for so long allowed my mind to run rampant with many thoughts while trying to ground myself in conversation or activity.

    I began to notice that I would read something or have a conversation and not remember any of it and I watched myself do this over and over and I really did not like it. I read Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now and actually did the same thing. Funny, that I read that book without reading it!

    I now practice all of my being in mindfulness. It is lovely and empowering and the feeling is indescribable. Thank you for this lovely article that is truly a reminder of its power.

    Blessings to you,

    Dawn Weaver

    • Sara Troy says:

      Thank you Dawn, it is about taking the time to be still enough to hear, see and feel life. When we are drawn to a book or movie people ect, it is for a reason. Glad you are finding your path, for life is a wonderful journey.

      Thank you and enjoy life.

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