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Modular Electric Motors “Designed to responsibly meet the need for Global Sustainability”

Cyclzone Technologies Inc set out over 6 years with an idea for an innovative new and radically different electric motor technology. We recognized that in our changing world that we need to develop new technologies to replace old outdated technologies that do not responsibly meet the Global need to be socially, environmentally and ergonomically sustainable.   We are very excited to be able to tell you a bit about a new scientific breakthrough in electric motor technologies promises to deliver just that. An electric motor that is more adaptable, serviceable and usable.

cyclzone_home_logoThe breakthroughs and milestone we have already achieved are simply mind-blowing…

The electric motor will reduce the impact on natural resources used in it construction by over 70%.

The use of land required for manufacturing plants and warehousing facilities could be reduced by over 60%

The cost of manufacturing, repairing, servicing and recycling the motor are dramatically lower

The electric motor employs an open architecture will allow the creation of new companies that specialize in development of aftermarket performance and replacement parts

Then there are the breakthroughs we made over existing electric motor technologies…

  • First off we built a prototype that proved to the experts once and for all that they were wrong because we proved it does!
  • Every component used to construct the motor are 100% reusable, recyclable or rebuild-able
  • 100% digital operation delivering complete motor control to create real-time dynamically adjustable power output based on mechanical performance needs.
  • First electric motor technology to facilitate after-market up gradability so you can custom build and tune your motor to deliver the performance you want.
  • First electric motor technology to deliver inexpensive and easy repair and maintenance. Motor can be completely disassembled and rebuilt using basic hand tools..
  • First electric motor technology to deliver easy owner serviceability. Every part in the motor can be replaced on the spot using basic hand tools.
  • First electric motor technology to deliver unlimited scalability, your only limit is the available space you have to put the motor in.
  • First electric motor technology to deliver standardized modular components that allow you to re-use components from one motor to another without any modifications.

The Cyclzone Team.


Vision starts in the mind makes its way to the heart and is guided by the gut.
There is nothing out there to day that did not start with a great idea. It took visionaries with heart and guts to make that idea come to life. This technology is such a vision and has conviction purpose ability and direction. Technologies today are growing at such a rate that the human mind can hardly keep up with it, but no one has bought to the table a new electric motor that has adapted to the times and that is being created for the future needs in electric motive design and application. It is new with advantages far beyond the old and with its rebuild able, reusable and recyclable design using fewer resources and no waste, it is the electric motor for the future.

Cyclzone Technologies is inviting innovators and visionaries to join us in further developing this electric motor for global use.

To know more go to info request and ask for a presentation to be sent to you.
Are you an electric motor developer? then contact us.

Sara Towe. positiveliving@outlook.com

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