What a difference a year makes, life is in the now

This time last year I was on the brink of homelessness. Today with a roof over my head gratitude in my heart and a purpose in my life I embrace the opportunities I was given.
Who knows where your opportunity will come from, all we are meant to do is just keep walking forward and it will be revealed. I know that for some that is a scary thing to do, but if you do you will get to where you meant to be faster. 
I have found that if I listen to expectation I will let me down, and my true purpose. If I am meant to do what I am meant to do then I must walk my path in trust in faith and in awareness, for that awareness will lead me to my purpose at that time. But one must also understand that what you meant to do in the now is only preparing you for your tomorrow, so root yet, wait till you know that you are truly on the right road.
How do you know when you one the right path? Last year 2011 I went back to teaching my True Colours and building a local business, I was doing well and Christmas arrived and all my classes got cancelled. I was so confused, I thought I was where I was meant to be and did not understand the blockage. January came still no bites, yes I went into a depression I had no way to pay my bills or eat, but I knew that if I gave into that depression I would never come out of it. So I got active, I was beyond broke, could not afford food and by the grace of my most wonderful friends in the world, they fed me. But I knew I had to do something to find where I was meant to go, so I social media, I went of face book twitter linked in and joined in conversations and helped others out who were in trouble and I kept my sanity alive.
One day I got an email from Michelle Arbeau producer of Authentic You radio blog, she had seen a comment I wrote and wanted to talk to me about hosting a show. Now I had never done a show before as a host so this was new territory but I recognized the gift I was given and we embrace gifts when they are given in gratitude.
My debut was a laugh, I had a 102 temperature, a migraine, my internet went down, and no one could hear me for the first 10 mins, and when I did come on loud planes flew over, it felt like a Monty python show. But I did it and the next one and I started to find my groove.
I started interviewing people and from this found such inspiration in my guests that my soul spirit and heart began to feel truly alive again. I even took on a sponsor but it was short-lived due to many reasons, and because of the cancellation I thought my journey in radio had come to an end and yet again I was given a new path to walk. But an Angel kept my shows alive, I renamed it, re structured it and I am doing multiple interviews at the same time given you the listener a chance at different prospective over a subject.
So one year ago I was nearly homeless, hungry, filled with anxiety and fearful of my future. Now a year later I have a roof over my head, I took my True Colours program and adapted it to do online, and building my radio blogging even further. I am organizing an E,book of everyone on the Authentic you radio umbrella so you may get to know what drives us to share our knowledge and passion and that of our guests to help you on your life’s journey.
We are revamping the Authentic you umbrella to bring you TV Blogging and Webinars by the spring, and we are committed to being a place of intuitive information that liberates your soul your spirit your heart and helps you find your path in life.
Myself, my programs will blossom and those that take them will walk their path in a greater understanding of self and purpose. My program for paying it forward will have fond its feet this coming year, and the reason for me to have taken this wild crazy turbulent diverse journey will be because of the work I will be doing in this coming year of 2013.
Why have I been prepared for this new world? Because I am a generator of inspiration and connector of possibilities and I am here to guide you to seeing your opportunities and new purpose in this new world.
What does this new world mean to you and what should we expect of it? Think CO-CREATION we are entering a world where we will collectively learn to co-create. No longer will it be the towers of power or the conglomerate of greed but a world where we will be taught to care to share to believe to grow to guide to enable to build to sing to dance to embrace this wonderful gift Earth and to turn our backs of hate fear greed power and the singular.
It is a world of togetherness no not hippie combia but of collaborating of cohesive and collectively building for every one instead of the one. A world where you will be able to trust in faith, trust in each other, believe in another day of hope and know that you can smile again in belief.
It is going to be a world of higher vibrations, the 5th dimension, and this means that you will be radiating on this vibration where fear hate greed and insecurity do not live. IT IS TO BE A WORLD OF INNER HARMONY and yes at last peace will have a chance.
There will be new leaders, new priorities new ways of doing business. People in companies and business will come first not profit, taking care of your people conducting business with another, this will change in a good way. It is the time of appreciation, a time of gratitude, a time for valuing each other and a time for uniting the village as one big family.
Look upon yourself as a note within the music, if you are off-key its changes the whole song, but if all of you each in your own right your own note come together in harmonic symphony, you now have a song that lifts the people in unison and becomes part of that co-creation of positive vibration. This is where we are going, this is our song.
You can expect changes alone that way, the bridge for crossing over into this new vibration is only there for a few months, then it will be too late to cross and some people will get left behind. The changes that will occur will be planetary, some earth quakes, some shifts, new landscapes, but this is all just a readjusting our earth to receive this higher vibration so it can thrive.
We will get visitors from afar, they will make themselves known and there is no fear here, because unlike the movies they had not come to destroy us or eat us, but to enlighten, to heal and help us grow into the wonderful beings we are meant to be.
For me I am coming home, my first memory is that of the Incas, I was back then a being here to teach the soul and spirit to the human race, but something went terribly wrong and instead of enlightening you it became a tool for controlling you, this is the human way.
But no more, for you see in this new higher vibration we cannot hate or destroy because we will find the true meaning of love, of life and of our true potential on this planet. We will learn to embrace new wonderments new understandings and see such abilities that we can’t even imagine now.
So put down your fear, let go of that hate, stop dictating your insecurity to others, and understand you have no control, the control is in the letting go. You don’t have to know to let go, you don’t have to understand to walk forward to you don’t have to be anything other than a person who wants to live in a peaceful purpose, in a harmonious realm and in growth of self, this planet and of each other.
So take that first step, step out into the abyss of faith and trust the vibration with in you telling you to cross the bridge, because life is on the other side and its worth living there.
I am at last without fear, the thunderous vibration from the earth is becoming still. I can feel my wings grow again and my flight is apparent. My arms grow wide so that I can embrace all who are ready to cross and I can give light to the teachers who are here to lighten your way forward.
We have for centuries been looking for that peace that has evaded us, but now the time is right, the path is in place, the journey has begun and you are not alone on this most wondrous journey into anew life. A life of heart, a life where you can hear your soul, a life where your spirit fly’s a life that has such meaning, such purpose, such camaraderie, that life simply becomes a knowing smile.
In the coming months of this magnificent new year, I will be continuing to bringing you enlighteners, teachers, inspires. I will bring coaches of doing business in this new vibration, intuitives to help you understand your awakening, guiders who can see your purpose so that you may find your path in purpose and bring to your village a harmonic tune for all to hear.
As lady Gaga said we are on the edge of glory, and we need to trust that this new path will bring us the knowingness of soul, heart spirit we all so need and desire.
Gone are the days of darkness, of hate, of pain. Yes we still have some detoxing to do, we still have much to let go of, but I promise you, the more you walk forward the more the shadows of death you leave behind, for darkness does not like the light and it is the time of light now.

By Sara Towe

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