Feeding Dignity to those who need our support.

Fullscreen capture 24122012 13253 PMFood banks, you may think you never need them, but never say never. I did not think I did, but without it, I would have gone hungry. Life happens we are not always in control of redirections, and when it does it can knock us for 6 and we find ourselves on the ground. But, that does not mean we will stay there, it means we have to get back up and keep on moving in a direction that best serves us, and we will as time allows us to regroup and redirect.

We do not always know which direction to go in when we are facing such diversity, and we may for the time being feel we do not have the strength to go on. But, when going on or facing despair is the only option, we find that courage to go on. This is why I do my shows to help people get back on their feet with inspirational stories of overcoming adversity and tools to apply in rebuilding our lives. http://selfdiscoveryradio.com  

Do not assume that having to go to the food bank means you are worthless, or shameful in any way, because we all need help at some point in our lives and we should NEVER be apologetic in asking for that help, many are only too pleased to help you so please let them, and if there is some out there that are judgmental then they are not of loving humanity.

Did you know that the food banks survive on 1 major food fundraiser a year? Christmas.  Without those there would not be enough food to help anyone, many a week there is hardly enough to feed anyone for a day never mind a week. Also without the volunteers who dedicate their time their love and their compassion, you would not have a food bank at all. They work tirelessly on doing food drives to get food to those who need it, sorting, planning organising, they do it with such care and passion because not only do they not want to see people go hungry and to support those that feel so alone.

Eating is not a seasonal thing; we need substance in us every day. Most people just leave cans of food which is great, but fresh foods like vegetables and fruit and milk and eggs are very much needed and for some they have no other means to get it. Children suffer a lot as they are growing and not getting the right nutrients they need, so pop vitamins in the food bank box and for mum and dad also, nothing worse when you in stress of finding the next meal and trying to rebuild your life at the same time, as it kills your health and is a one way down street. B plus vitamins and C is accentual.

I know we are all strapped and it is hard to feed yourselves never mind anyone else, but a little consistently goes a long way, so in any way, food, clothes, vitamins, toiletries, toys, and please do not forget the animals, for they need to eat also and many times go without.

We can make a difference we can give that helping hand, we can show some dignity and we can provide a meal that is life-saving, we can, we should and I hope that you do.

Support your local food bank and show your support and you care and that you understand, and thank you on behalf of everyone who has ever needed it. 

UPDATE: It has been bought to my attention that 1000’s pounds daily of food is being thrown away from restaurants, grocery stores and more because of the fear that they may get sued if someone gets sick of the food.

We need to put an end to this and get around the problem, because people are dying of hunger and in 2013 this should not be, especially because of a law, so let us change the law. I invite any lawyer in training or advocate who is willing to step up to providing a solution to this problem to contact me and let us get people fed.

Sara Troy





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