The word connection has a profound culmination in spirituality.

In some cases, tangible things cannot function properly, or at all when there is a disconnect. For example, the motor of a vehicle cannot properly function if its parts are not assembled. As well, vegetation cannot survive if its roots are malnourished and without the Earth’s soil. Electrical devices will not function if they are not synced to a power source. Human and animal anatomy cannot sustain life if its many organs do not work together; should one organ fail, the body as a whole will expire. A building could not withstand distressing weather,  or even the test of time if its many support walls and joists were not connected. Linen can only become an alluring garment when its cut parts are sewn together.

 Connection is the fulfilment we receive from the universe and our fellow man that completes us; keeping us at peace.

These distinct illustrations exhibit the importance of obtaining, and maintaining spiritual connection to life. Just as the motor cannot run, the plant will die, and the electrical device will not function, our spirits reap the same harvest when the seeds planted are not intertwined with the universe and each other. We lose our consciousness with our Brahma, and hence our life becomes an empty reality. But, before we can understand spiritual connection, its vitality to life, and the need to maintain it, we must apperceive it.

Such a connection can be and has been interpreted many different ways and can be obtained and strengthened through many different rituals and spiritual practices. Spiritual connection manifest through the love that we give to each other that makes a tear fall when we share it among each other. When we share a heartfelt smile with one who is frowning, and they smile back we are sharing a spiritual connection. It is when we cheerfully bless others financially and spiritually giving up some of our profits and sharing awareness giving them unseasoned hope.  Upon bestowing our shoulder sympathetically and/or empathetically for one to cry on rendering the need for comfort at present, we connect with the very core of the spirit, the emotions.

All these things are infectious. We manifest unyielding great vibrations and a great reality when we interface spiritually with others. And just as the physical examples used loose quality of performance and in some instances life when all its vital parts are not harmoniously connected, so does our spirit when we are disconnected from ourselves and each other. Loneliness that leads to despair, engulf our being and we feel lost and hopeless. No matter financial, social, or marital status, number of friends and successes in life we suffer greatest when we are disconnected, and these disconnection are spiritual because no physical matter can rid us of them; no amount of money, friends, substances, or any other inadequate fix aids this disconnection.

One will not always come forth and ask for this much needed nourishing, but having been intertwined with the universe ourselves we must learn to listen with our spirits feeling the blue air surrounding one’s avatar. There may be body signals; one wears a sad face and when asked what’s wrong they say, “Nothing”. Erecting conversations quickly above normal and ending with, “It’s not like you care” or, “No one ever listens to me anyway,” and other related sentences are a clear sign that one feels disconnected from their surroundings. After an elongated verbal war declared by the feelings of being ignored from society in any way, one then goes into isolation.

This is, perhaps the most crucial stage of feeling disconnected. In this stage of disconnection one desperately begins his/her search for coping mechanisms. The scariest part of this is that desperation sets up for dangerously irrational thinking caused by the want to escape such a desolate place in life, health issues, and possessing habits. Disconnection blended with the inevitable hardships of life become voices in the mind, in this stage, which talk one into the valley of spiritual death.

Feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem and value, brew from feeling shunned and constantly hearing in their mind, ‘It is because you are not worth it’, ‘no one really loves you. So you might as well waste away’, ‘It’s over give up. It’ll never happen. It is too late’, and ‘You don’t deserve to be treated good anyway’ and more, are all bullies that taunt us and drive us to a spiritual death that can ultimately lead to substance abuse, mental breakdowns, strokes, and at worst, suicides. Choosing to stay in erroneous relationships so to hold on to even a smidgen of a connection in life, and yet living in a material reality of hell is yet another irrational decision made out of desperation for spiritual connection in this stage.

The most dis-hearting of these is the physical effects that take place in the latter of this mindset. The search for coping aids grows more and more cardinal as the moons pass, so one may choose to alter the spirit through substances in an attempt at redemption. Long term health problems, death from over dosage, and being lost from self, are all consequences of impetuous acts to numb ourselves from of the oppressive feeling of being spirituality disconnected.

And even when we are not individually intact with self, weak parts in our spiritual anatomy can lead to a shut down. At times our “spark plug” does not “fire” in our “engine” because of repeated disappointments. So while we yet can function, we are not operating to our full potential, and our spirits will eventually shut down. When we have been abated from the soil that nourishes our spirits we survive as living plants for a while, but because our spiritual photosynthesis no longer processes it withers away. No longer being “plugged” to the source from which our spiritual power comes we become inoperable.

When our spiritual lungs can no longer circulate the metaphysical oxygen that facilitate our spiritual respiration we suffocate in an air of deprivation. When the “nails” of our spiritual “frame” and the various joists that hold it together are not built for endurance our “house” falls. And unless we be “sewn together” as humans with our many shapes and patters we will not have the fulfilment that connection gives.

By Brandon Copeland.

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