My Chakra Cleaning with Sherri Nickols

My Chakra clearing with Sherri Nickols.

My Chakras audio. My experience of the Chakra cleansing.

Sherri gives a Chakra clearing using her tuning fork. Immediately the tuning fork put me at ease as Sherri took me to my root chakra red, here my Red warmed me, I felt the life of my sensual being come alive. Then to the Orange Chakra where my soul lives, she warmed me with the glow of truth of my soul and then the red and the orange danced together as one creating a warmth of soft fire making me feel alive. Now to me Yellow chakra my treasure chest, where yellow Citrine’s and yellow Diamonds and golden Coins over flowed in to the valleys below, making me feel rich in abundant worth and purpose and seeding the possibilities of tomorrows. Now to the Emerald green of my hearts embrace, where I am wrapped in a deep rich lush velvet cape feeling the deep love of my heart’s desire, and where the vibrant colours all danced together in loving embrace. On to the truth of the Safia blues my spirited truth, the universal knowledge of the divine’s truth speaking in clarity, in purity, in knowingness to me. On to the 3rd eye my Amethyst all knowing truth storing the divine knowledge of all my knowingness, there to draw on any time I need. Finally to the crown Chakra, where a Violet Opal with dancing stars of Ruby, Citrine, Amber, Safia, Amethyst and Emerald where all dancing together like stars in the in the deep blue sky, bringing my collective energy together as one.

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Now as I join as one coming together in a circle I feel my oneness with self and I feel a whole being filled with love abundance and the divine’s truth to guide me on.

Thank you Sherri for such a wonderful experience.

Love to the world in peace and knowingness.

Sara Towe.

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