Music, it sets me free to embrace the whole of me.

Music, the word in its self is a statement, it is so empowering so invigorating; it has the ability to guide us through our lives conducting the emotion of our being. Music, the sounds of love truth sprit and heart, we hear it to release us; we listen to inspire to feel it to move us. It makes us dance it makes us sing it makes us free from all that is painful from all that can’t be. It guides forward into possibilities it propels us towards our liberty our destiny our opportunities.
Our soul sings out in the truth of the divine, our hearts dance in the musical light, our spirits fly way up high believing in the moon and the sky and our knowingness, of all that is true sings out in our whole being for me and you.401390_2671609118654_1508911046_32320156_1777527544_n
Music is our voice our song of choice, music is our freedom our expression on being. Music is our understanding our knowing and truth, music is us talking in rhythm and movement it is the flow of life; it is the freedom of the wind it is the knowledge of the universe the collaboration of all souls’ hearts and beings, music is the very breath of earth singing out loud and strength to lift us to greatness placing you within the song. Music I hear you, feel you, know you, and embrace your song, for where would I be without you, where would I find my truth, how would I know how I feel what makes me do what I do, music you express me, love me, trust me, liberate me and set me free to be all that I am and all that I can be.
As I sing and dance and fly free, I thank you music for giving me my spirit of being. My arms are open wide, I am in my stride, I am in my loving way as I twist and sway to your beauty of song, sing to me, play for me, love me like you do, embrace me with every cord of you, stroke me, drum on my soul let your fingers go, I hear you feel you know you, play for me music like you do play for like I know your will play play play and let me embrace the all of you.

By Sara Towe
Article inspired by the music of

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8 Responses to Music, it sets me free to embrace the whole of me.

  1. Bill Mackie says:

    Sara is one of the most amazing people that I have very had the privileged and honor to love and live with. Like me music is one of the many life forces that binds us together and inspires us to achieve amazing things in life! It heals us when were are down, it lifts our hearts when we feel unloved, it frees or minds to dream of the impossible. it allows us to communicate in language that everyone can understand, it fuels our passion and love for one another, it allows us to express our darkest secrets and to celebrate our victorious triumphs! Its sets us free to be what we need to be. There simply is no life force greater the power of music!

    aspiring, and with all my love thank you Sara for all you given to me

    Bill Mackie

  2. Bernice says:

    This so resonates with me, Sara! Music has been my personal “therapy” ever since I can remember. It has inspired and comforted and eased my lonliness and loss of hope more times than I can say! Many times I have just lost myself in the dance all alone in my living room. Thank you for this beautiful description!

    • sarat says:

      Thank you Bernice, I wrote it as I was listening to this music and dancing in my soul. I too need music to inspire and heal me. Do stayed tuned for more inspiring stories from my shows and others articles too.
      Take care and may the dance always be in your heart and soul.


  3. Hi Sara,

    I enjoyed reading about how music engergizes and inspires you. It truly is a force that we can use to heal, motivate, and so many other good things for each of us. Thanks for your insight!

    ~Coach Mark Edward Brown

  4. This is a beautiful post Sara, very poetic, and almost musical, if that makes sense? 🙂

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