I was born this way…

Yes I am referring to Lady Gaga’s hit single “Born this way”. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to read some of the other pages and articles on this web site. My name is ‘Smok’n DAWG’ Mackie and I until a few days ago I have spent my entire life overcoming multiple challenges. I had OCD, I use to live in excruciating pain everyday of my life, and I had a life threatening Neuromuscular disease. (Read: “Thankful to be alive!” if you want to learn more) So what does all this have to do with Lady Gaga’s song “I was born this way”? Well the other day someone commented on how much better I was doing and asked me how I did it. After telling them my story their response to it was so profound and inspiring that I had to just get home to write this article so it could be shared around the globe.

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