Thank You Sara…

Hi Sara,

These are the three lesson I learned from you that have made me a better person…

When we first met and you introduce me to your DIVA to build a company so that you could a foundation to give back. I at the time was also looking for way of fulfilling my DIVA “To feed the minds that will fuel the future”, thank you for sharing your DIVA with me because had we not become best friends and lovers I would never have been able to unravel one of the greatest mysteries in life. Thank you I will always be grateful for this gift you have given to me. You call in spirituality, divine knowledge, your soul and as you later learned I had a great deal of trouble accepting this special gift that was given to me. Do you remember the went on the walk and I thanked you for taking this huge burden off my back and I was glad to finally be rid of it. If I did not fully purge myself of all the negative feeling that soul, divinity and words like that made me feel and act, I would not have been able to move forward in my own healing process. As you always say if something no longer servers you move on… and because I did I was able to create a whole new way of looking at this and because of this I was able to create the DIVA mindset. This is why it is so important that I share this knowledge with others, I will always give this knowledge away for free, because I don’t want people to use it exactly the way I do, I want people to take what they learn from this knowledge and make it their own, just like you have done in your life. You are the only thing that matters to me because you are true to your Dreams Inspirations, Vision and Aspiration are all that matter in life. You are a true DIVA that everyone can look-up to as a role model! THANKS TO YOU!

When we first met I had another major internal turmoil. coming to term with OCD! Yes a lot of the disasters in my life resulted from my own insecurities, lack of self esteem, and an unbelievable amount of hatred I had for my intellect capabilities. Try to imagine the incredible internal turmoil living a life being branded as brain damaged, mentally unstable, and a freak because of the way I behave, and yet have such a brilliant mind, a mind that you fell so much in love with. As a result of you love I have been able to heal and that is why I do not want to make any personal financial gain from the electric motor that we developed together, it is my gift to the world and because of that I know longer have OCD I have OCB and as you know from the work that I am know doing I will fight for the rest of my life fighting to restore the rights of the mentally challenged. THANKS TO YOU!

When we first met I had a dream, that inspired a vision of the future that I aspire to fulfill before I die, to “Free the minds that will fuel the future!”. I am a DIVA and aspire to live up to your expectations of me! You helped me unravel the biggest mystery in life MY DIVA , that I now must share with the rest world. THANKS TO YOU!

Here’s song that embodies how you have impacted my life, enjoy!

Bill “Smok’n DAWG” Mackie
The Digital Audio Workstation guy!

To everyone else who reads this letter:

Sara is a true DIVA, it was in sharing her Dreams, Inspiration, Vision and Aspirations to build her Unity Fund-Action to help millions of people around the world heal by providing all the tools they need to discover their own Inner DIVA and that will reveal to them them true purpose in life!

I am living proof of just how great she is and would gladly pay her any amount of money for her services. I highly recommend to anyone who feels lost, miss directed,  and feeling without a purpose in life to visit her website or contact her today!

Her website is and her email is

To prove just how invaluable her help, friendship, and support and belief in her DIVA has been in saving my life. I promise to contribute 10% of all my income for the rest of my to support her Unity Fund Action Foundation, once I get  myself physically back to working again.

with all my love and respect, you are my dearest and best friend!


Bill Mackie

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