When it is right it is right

Timing is everything.

Timing, an amazing divine clock that will present its self when it is meant to be. You cannot force something to happen even if you want to if the timing is not yet right. We are giving signs all the time, a person here, a book there, a tune on the radio, a redirect, all signs guiding us to where we should be rather than where we would like to be. The trick is to listen to see to hear and feel what is in front of us without assuming we know what we are looking for.

I have been a rollercoaster of a journey for the last few years with my co-pilot Bill. We have had some amazing highs and some desperate lows. It did not matter what we did or did not do if it was the wrong timing and it was not happening. We felt desperate delusional and frustrated at the things that happened to us, but now away from the drama and confusion, we can see that it was all a gift in disguise.533131_10151107177442107_1736640993_n

Now 7 years later with clarity in mind, knowingness in soul and passion in heart we have walked away from what did not serve us to finally seeing the gift of it all in front of us. Letting go was so very hard, and confusing because my vision was so clear I did not understand why it had not succeeded, but it did not fail, it just was not it’s time to thrive. Now when I finally walked away and redirected myself, following my own path, the reason for it all has come to light, and I am in embracement of this gift before us.

We had a dream, we were inspired but the dream, we could visualize where the dream would take us and we were looking for people to actualize it all. It was the beginning of the D.I.V.A affect. A gift in its self, Bill listened and saw the D.I.V.A for entrepreneurs, it was built, but just as he was about to launch, he broke his back, end of that dream……..No only a new direction for its gift.

Now 18 months later, healed (by his own divine design) the D.I.V.A is now a whole new concept that has redefined our entire building structure. What was once a dream is now a structure that is encompassing all of our dreams inspirations and visions into actualizations! We are D.I.V.A-preneurs  and our direction is to discover and encourage other D.I.V.A-preneurs  to unit and liberate others into their own D.I.V.A-isum by giving them dignity self-value and purpose in their own lives. This creates creativity, innovations, liberation and people of healthy purpose and self-value who serve their own community.

Now with all the signs in unison, the dream is being realized the vision is clear and it is in actualization, the time is NOW. So when it is time and we get out of our own way and trust the universe, where what and why that are meant to be, will present itself because it is the right time.

So as I dedicate my next few months to embracing my D.I.V.A ready for the fall, my book, D.I.V.A Unity radio roundtable that serves the Unity Fund-Action, I am, as in Adam Lamberts words Feeling Good.

Update. April 2017

Bill has rescinded the gift of D.I.V.A to exclusively use for his own company. https://mindologyunlimited.com

My own vision is now S.E.L.F.  Soul Empowerment Loving Fulfillment.

Discovering Your True S.E.L.F

I have no personal book yet, but we do have a Self Discovery Ebook FREE at the-discovery-store


By Sara Troy.

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  1. Bill Maclie says:

    WOW! Thank you so much again for everything you have done and continue to do for me. I am so glad to see that you are coming into and discovering your DIVA! I love the way that you have taken ownership of all that you have learned from me and made it your own. This is the true meaning and empowerment of your DIVA.
    I know that my DIVA, my Dreams, Inspiration, Vision and Aspirations in life to build a foundation called “Freeing the minds that will fuel the future” will not only enable others to continue my work after I die, it will also benefit millions of people around the world by changing they way others look at those of us with mental challenges by learning to embrace us for these very special mental abilities. The true joy in life comes from joining together in celebration of each others differences!

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