Thank you Mexico for my future and why

Mexico Puerto Vallarta 2014 to be exact was a place that showed me my future. I know what I need next winter to be in my mind body and soul.

Maybe it is the dry heat of the fresh sea air and the blue sky’s, but for me I know that I need to be in a place where by body is looked after and my spirit is free.

I was recently taken by an Angel yes a real one called Jan Berney to  Puerto Vallarta for a 2 week holiday. We stayed in a bachelor condo privately owned  by Anneke Reese, it was on the 9th floor and when you walked in to it all you could see was sea to sky going on forever.


We breathed in good clean air and our senses awoke in clarity, while our bodies instantly relaxed invited by the environment to be at peace. The waves would crash against the rocks below and you could hear the joy from the swimmers on the beach as they chased the waves.


With the white sands and clear waters, with the fresh sea air and the sky going on forever, how could you not be at peace here. We started our days with a pot of coffee sitting out on the patio overseeing the sea and sky,  followed by breakfast/lunch which consisted of fresh bread, cheese, avocado, even jam and peanut butter. Fortified we would go down for a swim in the beautiful warm pool and I would do exercises that I can do in the water that I am unable to do on ground, it felt marvelous. As you can see the pool is in  the center of 2 beaches with its own great restaurant and bar, after a swim we would have a Pacifico beer to refresh our palates, so good. This is the view of the pool from the suite.


Once refreshed of to shower and then the adventure of the bus, it took only 17 minutes to get down town and each bus was driven in a different way each time, as we had both long legs it was a challenge at times to get our legs behind the seat and they always take on as many passengers as they can, I mean up to the door and sitting on the dash board I kid you not, it was always an adventure. It cost only 80 pesos each way and took us right in to town, were we could set of in numerous directions depending what adventure we were on.


Her are few pictures of one of the streets we would walk down, as you will see filled with restaurants, hotels and beautiful flowers.


The streets are so clean and bright and welcoming.


Court yards to sit on.


Apartments and hotels in town at a good price.


Jan showing us the beautiful vibrant colours of flowers and bushes.

This was just in town, the walks by the seas boulevard, great Art being sold as well as other wares, be mindful you should always barter and be willing to walk away if you don’t like the price.


Art by the sea, and walks around the water front, restaurants and shops all along.


Sea air and sunshine reflecting of a local hotel.


Children playing in the sea running of from the sea and a local restaurant overlooking it.


So many different Sunsets all so magical this one right out side Daiquiri Dicks


This one from our  room by the rock of


This one on the boulevard with a speck of a new moon


This one after a storm we had that flooded the streets in no time plate,(the Solar Eclipse was happening while there)

20150323_181316Each one different each one dramatic.

This was the entrench to our place, so well kept, so welcoming.

20150324_100050 The seas view of it, every balcony had a spectacular view


The grounds were kept to well, vibrant flowers every where.








With the sea crashing against the rocks it lulled you to sleep each night

20150325_122925Food, what an experience, so much good food from Tacos to Seafood pasta to buckets of shrimp and pineapple Sea Bass, and Margaritas, with very fresh Guacamole  and light flavorful taco chips, and a wonderful French bakery called Paris Cafe for Panaraisons we were set, so yummmmmmy I had a happy tummy.














Shopping was fun, from the market to all the little stores along the way. We met Hector Lomeli owner of Art Wear Sucesos, I would drink Tequila while Jan tried things on, he is known for his uniqueness and friendliness, Jan bought a few things here and each piece is like a piece of unique ART. I will be interviewing him in the coming weeks.









So many places so many things to see, I took over 600 pictures and these are but a few. The thing I came away with is a knowing that I need to spend my winters in a warm environment and that the sea air not only heals me but feeds me and set my spirit free. The air, breeze, warmth, water and the joy of life made me feel my self, it set me free and lifted my spirits up to a place where I can see all that is needed to be seen.

I love Vancouver BC Canada, it is my home, I love the people here, but the winter dampness does get into my body leaving it in constant pain and so very hard to move like I would like. In the warmth, I am more active, joyful, productive, and hopeful, so next winter I will seek the warmth again and do my work from a place where my mind body and soul feels alive.

Once again I thank Jan Berney from the bottom of my heart and soul for this wonderful journey, and for always showing me the depth of true nonjudgmental friendship. May I one day be an Angel to you as you have been to me. Thank you my Dear Dear friend Jan.

20150321_181156 (2)

To hear all the wonders of this trip and tips for travelling to Puerto Vallarta yourself, tune in here and also see more photos.  ask-sara-about-the-joy-of-mexico

Here is a list of restaurants to visit.

Paris De Cafe for pastries.

Pancake House for pancakes, waffles omelettes etc.

Daiquiri Dicks for all food right on the beach shrimp cups, and pumpkin ravioli and sandwiches.

El Pueblito great taco chips and guacamole and Margaritas.

No Way Jose for excellent sea foods like Maui Maui and chocolate tart.

Vitea on the boulevard for sea food pasta so good.

Joe Jacks for the bucket of fresh shrimp, divine.

Endales for a good sandwich.

Gerisol Sur (our condo) for an excellent chicken dish.

El Jaralito for divine shrimp, guacamole and taco chips done with hot re-fried beans with melted cheese, so yummy.

Eating yummy tacos filled with shrimp at beach restaurant of the boulevard.

Archies Wok a Thiplace for sublime sea bass done in a flavour of vegs and pineapple so wonderful.

All the food is so good, generous servings, good prices. Its a good life in Puerto Vallarta.


Sara Troy…



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