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We at Self-Discovery Radio celebrates D.I.V.A,s

D.I.V.A is a Dreamer who Inspires Vision into Aspirations

d-image-white-people-blue-folder-renderer-examines-background-49352115You cannot embrace your D.I.V.A until you have embraced your S.E.L.F self, enabling, life, force.

Self Discovery Hosts and our members of the Self-Discovery Directory are people who have embraced their journey and what they are truly here for, now with their expertise they are here to help others find their direction in life. Each Self-Discovery member will be interviewed and have their own directory page highlighting their expertise and what they offer you. You cannot be a member unless you have had an interview and embraced your redirect in life. We will only accept people and organizations we understand to be authentic in their persona and their chosen purpose.

The Directory is in process and will be live mid summer.

If you think you are a D.I.V.A who has embraced your path and purpose and now wish to be of aid to the people of the world, do contact me.

There is an annual fee which includes the interview, your company’s portfolio and and what you offer your clientele.

Directory will cover these genres.

Health. Spiritual Awareness. Conscious Businesses. Relationships. Social Media/Communications. Sciences. Energy Healing. Ghost Writers/authors. Music. Arts/Entertainment. Coaching. Self Beliefs. Animal Well-being. Children/Parenting. Global Concerns.

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About Sara Troy

As a Soul Awakener, I see and feel the spirit of a soul and feel the heart, we are amazing people if we embrace our Ture S.E.L.F
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