What is Self Discovery Radio about?

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Self Discovery Radio, is it just another radio blog? I believe not, I am the producer and host on Self Discovery Radio, and I am proud of what we are bringing to you.

5 years ago I started on a radio blog called Authentic You, doing live shows, now with my own station going into its 4th year (it was PLV Radio before) we have over an 1800 shows under our belt and I have had the honour of speaking with some extraordinary people doing brilliant things in this world.

We cover all avenues from the divine to health to inner wealth to conscious business to science to current issues to technology and innovations to philosophy and philanthropy that inspire a better world. Our guests are liberators, mentors, healers, speakers, coaches, carers, authors, leaders, teachers, inspirers and all are. They have embraced their redirect and now in honour of their soul heart spirit and an open mind, they are living their lives in purpose and inner truth.

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We learn from them each and every week, so many stories that show us our way forward in our own lives, so much courage in embracing their demons their challenges and rising up to be the love joy of living and living in meaningful purpose.

I have some fabulous hosts who contribute weekly with their knowledge and that of their wonderful guests. They are living in their truth and sharing that knowingness with the world. They are knowledgeable and so much fun.

I invite you to come see what we are about. We are not just fabulous radio shows filled with incredible stories, we also have a “Being Fund-Action” initiative that supports people in need on their own journey. We raise funds that then hires the talented experts in our “Self Discovery Directory”. We share with you the people who are here to help and we fund their services to those who need help finding their way to wholeness. Coming soon.

The circle of life, first receive and then re-give for once we are fortitude we need to fortify those in need so they to can contribute to the world. We are the answer to what ails the world and it all starts with us, heal thyself, become soul abundant, live in real authenticity by embracing our true purpose and be a solution to your global community.

Self Discovery where the discovery of S.E.L.F (Soul, Empowered, Loving Fulfillment) is but a show away. Discovering your S.E.L.F

Come join us and take a journey of wonderment and inspiration.


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About Sara Troy

As a Soul Awakener, I see and feel the spirit of a soul and feel the heart, we are amazing people if we embrace our Ture S.E.L.F
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