The Ripple Effect of life is but in the single drop

The Ripple Effect of life is but in the single drop.
Sara Troy

y Self Discovery Radio Host/Producer and Co/interviewer at Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine

People look for the big bang, the big event, the redirect, but it is that one single drop that changes our direction, that drop then another and another, rippling out into our possibilities.

Look to the small things, the subtle things for those are the ones that will have the biggest impact. Our thoughts, our feelings, our words, and our actions are those ripples in life and they do have an impact on every single drop of life around us.

Speak in a way you would want to be spoken to, make others feel good feelings, use words that are kind and inviting, and think before you speak, and choose to resonate in positive vibrations.

We are all seeking change, wanting life practices to be more mindful and respectful, that change starts with us and ripples out to all in our arena.

I speak to this on my show, on how we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others, join me and share yours.

Sara Troy

Producer/Host on Self Discovery Radio

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As a Soul Awakener, I see and feel the spirit of a soul and feel the heart, we are amazing people if we embrace our Ture S.E.L.F
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