Depression has raised its ugly head again.

I was doing so well, keeping it at bay, but it has been tugging at my strings for a few weeks now and I cannot fight it anymore, depression is back.

12360103_10153131464371415_4429943199622490046_nI try to stay positive, doing the work I do interviewing people who are making such a wonderful difference in the world and their own living in meaningful purpose keeps me upbeat, but not even that helps right now.

I just feel the despair of the world, the hate the fear the cripple ignorance and unwillingness to be a part of the solution rather than its problem.

I try to live in simple joy, to love life and all its blessings, to seek out the possibilities that we can do and make opportunities in doing them. But, everything feels like an uphill climb a road block a waste of time.                                                                                                                                   Art by Natasha

I know that my soul and heart believe in humanity and believe in love and believe we can do better, but then I see the news the embracement of hate the ignorance of fear and I wonder why I do it. Why do I speak of love life light joy, hope, and possibilities if the world is so hell bent on hating destroying killing and the loving of living in fear?

Because if I don’t I may as well give up now, I may as well curl up and die, I may as well give in and be a speck of dust for that is all I would be if I stopped trying stopped caring stopped loving the possibility of life.

So what do I do? Do I walk away from 4 years of radio interviews of those who embrace the wonders of life?  Do I retreat and fade away? Do I just go back into mindlessness and be nothing stand for nothing care for nothing?

This is my time to reflect, to rethink, to try and renew my passion for the planet for the people in it for the wonders that could be for the joy of living if we only try. I will over the Christmas period I will take a good hard look at my life and see where it is meant to go. I am the only one person who believes that we can if united heal our world and each other in it. Am I wrong? Should I go on? Is it time to call it quits?

Depression does hurt, and NO a pill does not help, when it gets hold of you, it distorts your world and everything in it. All I can do is hope that I can overcome again and rise above it, all I can do is go in and find a place where love resides and my soul can thrive once more.

The illusion is the way people chose to see me, I am strong and fight for the rights for others to live in freedom dignity empowerment love and peace, but I battle with finding it within me.

downloadThis too will pass, I hope, my dog is at my feet, for she knows I need her love. I will put on a brave face for my kids and be that cheers and the Christmas feast. But in my heart and soul I know my spirit is hurt and it will take global love and the healing of the planet to make it free once more.

I do not write this for pity but to bring awareness of the negative energy out in the world and how it affects people like me like you. Please stop hating hurting killing not caring, for if we want this planet to grow in love in joy in purpose and in truth, we must step up and be its solution, be all its needs, and come together will love and build that divine bridge to peace.

I wish you all a very wonderful life and may you come together in joy love kindness and raise our GOOD VIBRATIONS so we can heal our world.

Sara TROY 

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As a Soul Awakener, I see and feel the spirit of a soul and feel the heart, we are amazing people if we embrace our Ture S.E.L.F
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2 Responses to Depression has raised its ugly head again.

  1. My dear Sara, giving up in your case is not an option, because all of us floating about attached to this tiny little planet need a person like you to keep us going. The morning I read your first article online I knew that you are very special. I will tell you right now that depression is many times a hipersensitivity to the world experienced by those who refuse to close their eyes and turn their backs to the reality of the world, and people like this are too necessary to the world at large to fade away. Focus on breathing, meditating on wonders of nature, and on the fact that you are one of the special people that have been put on this earth to help all the rest of make it. You are loved by too many to fade away. This depression will pass, because our love for you will pull you through. Reach out to me, and to all of us who learned to love you the moment that we came in contact with you. Please, contact me soon, and look hard at a flower, any flower, and compare its beauty and delicacy to its rescileince; that is what each of us is all about, and that it why the future exists, to make the hurting of the past fade into the better times of tomorrow. It is the little gifts of nature that take us thorugh the bad times. Look at the moon and the stars, and the snow, and the rain, a rock, the bark of a tree; not with a scientific mind, but with the intent of pondering on all of its beautifully intricate details. Breath and live my beautiful friend, for you have earned the right to do so through your inner and outer beauty that radiates as strong as the Florida sun. All my love to you, intended to help to make you stronger.

    • Sara Troy says:

      Bless you luv and thank you, it comes and goes, but I will win the war, just sometimes I loose the battle, your words are so comforting and to know you care is so uplifting, I am grateful you are in my life.

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