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Discovering your S.E.L.F and Knowingness with Sara 

S.E.L.F = Soul Empowerment Loving Fulfilment

I am Sara Troy and I can see your S.E.L.F personality,  a person who is a Dreamer who Inspires Vision into Aspiration and who trusts in their Knowingness. 

No success can be achieved without first having an inner honesty and an open mind. To gain this we must discover our true personalities and embrace all that we are, then our inner strengths will be revealed with a more productive and enlightening purpose to our lives. 

Saras profile picI am a radio interviewer and Self Discovery Radio host/producer/owner, this is where I bring you people who have walked the walk and now share their S.E.L.F with you and the tools that got them there.

Living in our knowingness requires you to listen in, trust your soul, unite the heart, feel the spirit, and know what you need to know at the time you need to know it.

Born in the United Kingdom, lived in South Africa and sometime in the USA, now residing in Vancouver Canada Sara has 3 children  

When people embrace their possibilities I am happy. I know the struggles of life and the difficulties in being unsure of one’s self and purpose in life. When I found my true comprehensive purpose for my life and embracement of myself, the need to guide others to find their knowingness became apparent and a natural walk for me. After all, I had been counseling all my life so to take it to the next level was inevitable. So with 42 years of the View of Life, 16 with S.E.L.F Colours and 42 years of spiritual counseling, helping people to live in their authentic souls and help make their lives and this world a better place to live in is indeed my life’s work. 

Sara Troy started the “The Art of Positive Living” in 2001 and has been teaching personality self-identity and soul development for over 16 years using tools from 42 years of accumulated knowledge. Sara is also a spiritual counselor by God’s design and who can see the possibilities of your purpose in life and can draw you a map in getting to where you are meant to go, but you have to walk it.  She has an unbridled passion for helping people to live in the full embracement of self in their knowingness.

April 2012 Sara made a personal discovery of self, one that would change her life direction forever. She was presented with an opportunity to host her own talk show on a small blog talk radio station called “Authentic You media” where she hosted her show live for 13 months before going out on her own with her own station “PLV Radio” now called Self-Discovery Radio. Now in her 5th year of hosting this woman has finally found her groove in life, and in just over 57 months she has interviewed more than 660 incredible inspirational guests from around the globe on her weekly hour show “Choose Positive Living ”. and “Their Story Matters” and other genres. Wanting to reach even more listeners, and to bring greater numbers of inspirational people together and share their stories of life she decided to branch out and invite others to host their own shows and to also give opportunities to organizations to host their shows for them giving them a voice on the work and people they are helping, so Sara has presented a new opportunity to a different arena here on Self Discovery Radio.

Sara also hosts a weekly show on life’s perspectives called “Sara’s View of Life” saras-view-on-life

Choose Positive Living” interviewing global inspirer’s, who have embraced their journey to now share it with us. choose-positive-living

“Positive Vibrations Roundtable” is where Sara interviews individuals and groups who have embraced their redirect and are now sharing their wisdom passion and S.E.L.F with our audience. PV Roundtable is where she does her roundtable formats. positive-living-roundtable

“Their Story Matters” is where she and her team will interview humanitarian organizations on the work they do to help people get back on their feet, and where the story’s of those they help are shared. their-story-matters

ECO Solutions is a show about the sustainability of our planet and in what we can do to help our own future. Eco-Solutions

“for the LOVE of Music” show brings musicians and artist from around the globe


Now with growth in hand with such good people hosting their own shows on Self Discovery Radio and now the voice for the “Community for Change-Living Orchard” organization and all its creative, insightful, purposeful, inspirational and productive people coming together in service of humanity; the station is a beacon of hope, knowledge, and action for mankind.

Her personal site. choosepositiveliving.com or SaraTroy.com

Self Discovery Radio

discovery sound cloudSelf Discovery Radio is a radio station bringing you the innovations and inspirations of those who have traveled the path and now share their success and tools to help you move forward in your own life.  In addition to hosting Sara’s regular weekly talk shows, where she interviews people of global inspirations and also gives a weekly view on her life’s perspective on her “ Sara’s View of Life” show.

Their Story Matters represents the people and organizations who are out there making a difference in the world and the work they do by spotlighting their event work and people.

For Complete details please contact me at info@selfdiscoveryradio.com and check out our host’s shows on the home page, just click on the show title and learn more about the hosts and topics being brought to you.

TO CHECK OUT SARA’S INTERVIEW LINE UP  here choose-positive-living

I am also proud to be a part of the GreenZone Hero organisation. 



The Being Fund-Action program 



Sara Troy – Director of Humanitarian Initiatives

More importantly the Self Discovery Radio is the official voice of the Being Fund-Action  organization that Sara Troy is in the process of establishing, that will help people discover their D.I.V.A’s and the ability to embrace their own redirection so that they can begin rebuilding their lives and enable them to live with dignity, liberty, and  purpose, meaning and with the respect of others.


Sara is also in the process of writing a book about her journey, The book is about the personal journey she has been on to discover her own D.I.V.A. Her Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations in life to actualizing her Give Back program which she has called the Community Give Back initiative  which was all brought about because of her own self-discovery of her passion for sharing other inspirational people’s stories through her radio talk show. Now with the Living Orchard which will eventually pay for the services from the people in the Self Discovery archived shows directory because we know them to represent themselves in an honest way wanting to help people find their own way to wholeness in life.

Sara’s Contact Information:


Radio Website: selfdiscoveryradio.com

Her Personal Website: choosepositiveliving.com

For more information contact info@selfdiscoveryradio.com

Where it all started before I started my own station.