My Island of Truth and Purpose.

My Island of Truth and Purpose

I have finally found the island, the place where we seek out our spirit, our purpose our truth. What I did not realize in my journey to fit in, to seek and to find, is that I have been on this island all the time. It is my home, my place of being, my sanctuary and my peace. It is where I find my harmony and where above all else I can and do speak my truth.
I was born here in this place of tranquility. I flew here with the gentle winds and bathed in the soft embracing waters or her shorelines. I baked in her sun and walked in her mysteries and discovered her wonderment. She is home to me, my bed to lay my spirit, my blanket to protect me, my sun to warm me and my fruits to feed me.
I am never alone here, for there are others here that know the same purpose and peace. We are here living in the universal paradise readying ourselves for those to come. Who are we that live here and dance with the island? We are the elders, the ones that will greet you at the entrance of the island. You do not have to come in knowledge, but you do have to come in truth and a willingness to learn. You can only gain entrance if you are true in heart, free in spirit and open to wonderment and with intent to teach others in turn.
Unlike the popular TV show The Island, we are not here to keep evil in, but to be the center core of enlightenment and inspiration so that its pupils can come and learn and then go and teach others. It is a place of entry, a filtration of inner truth and true calling. A place where you can find your truth and a place of finding your knowingness.
What is knowingness? It is a place of such undoubted absolute truth that there is nothing that can or will contaminate what you know. When you reach is an understanding of information that does not have to be validated, it simply just is. It is a wonderful place to be unless you are with people who cannot see it or don’t want to. But living in this absolute shows such conviction that people cannot argue with your belief factor.
I flew as a child, flew high as a young woman, in my flight I reached out and found my knowledge. I have never learned the conventional way, I am a Now learner. Some things that I have read direct me and give me an understanding of what I am living. But for the most part, my knowingness comes from just feeling my truth or what it is I need to know in that time and space.
Space the final frontier, it is the beginning, it is the end, it is everything in-between, and it is just everything. When I am in flight I connect to the molecules of the universe and gain my knowledge. I am one and individual within the one of everything. My existence is present at all times somewhere, in something, doing something even in my nothingness. We live in a conscious of non-consciences. I live in my presence and can only speak to my knowledge in the now. When cross-examined on it I falter, for the now is all I am.
I have had a hard time living in my body, my consciousness is my home, this body, and its needs draw me away from my being and I end up confused and misplaced. I have had to learn and be at peace and in balance with my soul spirit and body, something that requires a consistent earthly consciousness’.
On the island I am whole, I am one. Melded with my humanity I now realize that I am not just an elder in spirit but now in mind and body. It is time for me now to take my teachings up to another level and embrace the elder in me.
I love youth, the spirit dancing in possibilities, the embrace, and hunger for knowledge and the acceptance of inner truth without fear. It is wonderful to see them soar, to see their flight. But as an elder, it is not for me to journey with them but to guide them, give the grounding from which they springboard from and an open understanding of the passengers the pick up along the way.
I love being the elder, now matched with human age, I can just be the wisdom, the balance and the guidance they need to make their own journey. They are the future, so we must guide them well, for as is was in the begging it will be in the end, our existence will be in their hands of the young that grow older and wiser.
So come to the island to learn and breathe in its knowledge, embrace its wisdom and take it with you through your journey in your own purposeful life. Some come to look but are not ready to participate in it yet. Their time will come, this lifetime a hundred lifetimes from now, it will come. You can only help the ready only guide those that ask for passage; only liberate those who want it. As in everything in life, it is not for us to walk their walk, but to show the options of the road ahead of them and ready them for the journey.
If we have done it right then they will find their spirit that guides them and is that inspiration for others to follow. One can only show them the water, not drink it for them, it must be their free will, their choice to make the journey.
The most powerful thing in the universe is the feeling of knowingness, for in that truth there is a sense of peace and love. Life is a feeling guided by knowledge sight touch. When our senses are as one we are in that place of truth and the universal center.
Take your head out of it, listen with your eyes, feel with your heart, and speak from the soul. Your head is the CPU the computer to store your knowledge, the truth of your knowledge comes from your soul which is your universal connection. Be open, be honest, be trusting, be still, tap in and feel it, be it and live in it. You know what you need to know in that space of time, all other information serves no purpose till it is needed. Download it and store it somewhere and listen to the universe speak to you, ask and you will receive if you are truly open to hear, feel and see it.
So my young spirits, I am here waiting for you excited to feel your being and guide you on your way to greatness. Spirits set free to fulfill their purpose in the greatness of the song and dance we call universal harmony.

Sara Troy

Founder guide at The Art of Positive Living 

We have Wise ones ready to inspire and guide you with one show at a time.

Self Discovery Radio 


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What is Self Discovery Radio about?

self-discovery-radio - Copy (640x127) - Copy

Self Discovery Radio, is it just another radio blog? I believe not, I am the producer and host on Self Discovery Radio, and I am proud of what we are bringing to you.

5 years ago I started on a radio blog called Authentic You, doing live shows, now with my own station going into its 4th year (it was PLV Radio before) we have over an 1800 shows under our belt and I have had the honour of speaking with some extraordinary people doing brilliant things in this world.

We cover all avenues from the divine to health to inner wealth to conscious business to science to current issues to technology and innovations to philosophy and philanthropy that inspire a better world. Our guests are liberators, mentors, healers, speakers, coaches, carers, authors, leaders, teachers, inspirers and all are. They have embraced their redirect and now in honour of their soul heart spirit and an open mind, they are living their lives in purpose and inner truth.

discovery sound cloud

We learn from them each and every week, so many stories that show us our way forward in our own lives, so much courage in embracing their demons their challenges and rising up to be the love joy of living and living in meaningful purpose.

I have some fabulous hosts who contribute weekly with their knowledge and that of their wonderful guests. They are living in their truth and sharing that knowingness with the world. They are knowledgeable and so much fun.

I invite you to come see what we are about. We are not just fabulous radio shows filled with incredible stories, we also have a “Being Fund-Action” initiative that supports people in need on their own journey. We raise funds that then hires the talented experts in our “Self Discovery Directory”. We share with you the people who are here to help and we fund their services to those who need help finding their way to wholeness. Coming soon.

The circle of life, first receive and then re-give for once we are fortitude we need to fortify those in need so they to can contribute to the world. We are the answer to what ails the world and it all starts with us, heal thyself, become soul abundant, live in real authenticity by embracing our true purpose and be a solution to your global community.

Self Discovery where the discovery of S.E.L.F (Soul, Empowered, Loving Fulfillment) is but a show away. Discovering your S.E.L.F

Come join us and take a journey of wonderment and inspiration.

For more info please fill out the form.


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Feeding Dignity to those who need our support.

Fullscreen capture 24122012 13253 PMFood banks, you may think you never need them, but never say never. I did not think I did, but without it, I would have gone hungry. Life happens we are not always in control of redirections, and when it does it can knock us for 6 and we find ourselves on the ground. But, that does not mean we will stay there, it means we have to get back up and keep on moving in a direction that best serves us, and we will as time allows us to regroup and redirect.

We do not always know which direction to go in when we are facing such diversity, and we may for the time being feel we do not have the strength to go on. But, when going on or facing despair is the only option, we find that courage to go on. This is why I do my shows to help people get back on their feet with inspirational stories of overcoming adversity and tools to apply in rebuilding our lives.  

Do not assume that having to go to the food bank means you are worthless, or shameful in any way, because we all need help at some point in our lives and we should NEVER be apologetic in asking for that help, many are only too pleased to help you so please let them, and if there is some out there that are judgmental then they are not of loving humanity.

Did you know that the food banks survive on 1 major food fundraiser a year? Christmas.  Without those there would not be enough food to help anyone, many a week there is hardly enough to feed anyone for a day never mind a week. Also without the volunteers who dedicate their time their love and their compassion, you would not have a food bank at all. They work tirelessly on doing food drives to get food to those who need it, sorting, planning organising, they do it with such care and passion because not only do they not want to see people go hungry and to support those that feel so alone.

Eating is not a seasonal thing; we need substance in us every day. Most people just leave cans of food which is great, but fresh foods like vegetables and fruit and milk and eggs are very much needed and for some they have no other means to get it. Children suffer a lot as they are growing and not getting the right nutrients they need, so pop vitamins in the food bank box and for mum and dad also, nothing worse when you in stress of finding the next meal and trying to rebuild your life at the same time, as it kills your health and is a one way down street. B plus vitamins and C is accentual.

I know we are all strapped and it is hard to feed yourselves never mind anyone else, but a little consistently goes a long way, so in any way, food, clothes, vitamins, toiletries, toys, and please do not forget the animals, for they need to eat also and many times go without.

We can make a difference we can give that helping hand, we can show some dignity and we can provide a meal that is life-saving, we can, we should and I hope that you do.

Support your local food bank and show your support and you care and that you understand, and thank you on behalf of everyone who has ever needed it. 

UPDATE: It has been bought to my attention that 1000’s pounds daily of food is being thrown away from restaurants, grocery stores and more because of the fear that they may get sued if someone gets sick of the food.

We need to put an end to this and get around the problem, because people are dying of hunger and in 2013 this should not be, especially because of a law, so let us change the law. I invite any lawyer in training or advocate who is willing to step up to providing a solution to this problem to contact me and let us get people fed.

Sara Troy





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Are We Listening To The Signs of Life?


All the signs your life needs to flourish are out there waiting for you to see them. Listen and the questions will be answered. There is nothing more irritating than talking to someone who is looking at you but not listening. Clear your mind, tune all other things from your mind and tune into what is being said to you.
My word what a concept, just tuning into one thing at a time. My how your knowledge of things grows and you’re understanding. There is something inside of you telling you what to do. Amazing isn’t it? Listening to your inner self and tune into your outer environment is great because it clarifies many things that you have been confused about, the answers are always there, you just have to listen to them to hear them.
You do not have to do everything today, one thing at a time, it makes for a job done well and for more appreciation of the doing of it.
Your soul speaks to your heart which ignites your spirit into action and then it hits the mind, the mind is in a divine knowingness and in no doubt of what is in front of you.
Deep breath, feel your thoughts do not think them, relax and let the knowledge of the Universe speak to you as it is your celestial signpost.

When you rush things you cannot do the job well. When you short change yourself you cheapen the value you put on yourself and others in your life. Think of yourself as a retirement plan, a well planned and good investment makes for a harmonious retirement.
Invest in yourself with time, energy and values. There is no quick fix, no shortcuts, time is all you have, so use it wisely and learn to trust your instincts by listening to the world around you. The universe is shouting at you to listen and learn, so there is no time like the present to begin. Stop what you are doing, relax, tune out the noise to tune in and trust what comes to you. It takes time to do this with ease but with practice, it becomes second nature and a must. Some people take up Yoga; meditation, walking, singing, dancing, writing, communicating, others can do it by listening to classical music, some like to run, ski, fly, explore. First find that space that speaks to you and tune in, find a way to slow down. Stretch your arms outside to side so that you can feel the very end of your fingertips. Dance the blues away with sultry tangos or energy releasing salsa. No matter what you do, you must feel alive doing it. When you feel that life energy running through your veins that is when you start to feel your life has meaning. REMEMBER THERE IS NO QUICK FIX. You get out of life what you put into it. You must enjoy all its flavours one at a time to appreciate it.
So are you going to slow down and tune into yourself? And are you going to make an effort to listen to what others have to say? Most importantly, are you going to try to listen out and watch for the signs they are there to guide you. It is all up to you, try it and see, you never know it just might work. Remember a person who values themselves will also value others around them.

Harmony to us all.
Sara Troy

Of Self Discovery Radio
Written 2011 revised 2013.


Again I do a show on  SARA’s View Of Life on the signs in our lives, repetitive-life-signs

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This week I will

296616_292922627391513_159712174_nThis week there will be no I cant’s
This week there will only be I can’s
I will only think in the possibilities of tomorrow that I can make happen today
I will only believe in what can be not what is presently
I will think forward not dwell backwards
I will be optimistic not pessimistic
I will have faith for I do believe
I will be all that I have grown into and not fall backwards
I am what I think I am, I will be what I want to be, I can do what I think possible, if only I keep believing in me and the universe.

I wrote this 6 years ago and because I believe I can, I make it happen.



Sara Troy

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What makes a woman and who decides?

When you look through the ages at style, today’s style can be very depressing. Where did the entire feminine voluptuous woman go?

imagessssI am very tired of (happy) designers who have taken our femininity away from us by making us look like boys in girl’s clothes. Skin and bone duff not maketh a woman, we are meant to have shape. 

Do you remember ladies, when we were growing up, how we could not wait for a bust or some shapely curves that marked us as woman? Now all I see representing us are flat chested boy’s waist, no hips, and gawky legs.

imagesThe big (generally fat) bosses at the movie and T.V studios are dictating that women in the media’s eye should all be skinny with boyish bodies, and the magazines with all they’re airbrushing makes all look so unreal.

Why do women out there buy into this crap????????? Why are you letting some anorexic or homosexual person (no I am not homophobic) decide whether you are beautiful or not??????? Why are you chiseling your bodies to look like men?? Why is a robust woman considered fat????

Who decides this, THEM OR YOU? You decide your sex appeal you decide if you feel sexy if you feel womanly, not them. If you are a little on the heavy side do what you have to do for your health, a robust woman can and does look fabulous in the right clothes and with the right attitude.

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From Unemployed to Landing Your Dream Job

Are you struggling to cope after losing your job? Are you feeling overwhelmed about looking for new work? Suddenly finding yourself unemployed can feel demoralizing, not to mention a financial worry. But it could actually become a great opportunity to get you on a career path that you love. Even Walt Disney was fired by his newspaper editor for not being creative enough and lacking imagination. Just like Walt you can bounce back too. He went from being fired from a newspaper to a remarkable Hollywood career. So, what could be in store for you? To encourage positive things to happen, you must be positive. It’s not the time for you to feel down and sorry for yourself. Instead, dust yourself off and grab the opportunity with both hands. It can be difficult to feel positive about yourself when you have been made redundant or fired. But in order to be able to find that perfect next job, you must have faith in yourself and your abilities. You have to believe you are a talented and skilled person. If you don’t, why should anyone else? Have faith that although this seems to be a bad situation, in the end, you will make it a positive situation. Self-confidence is the key to success in life.
New opportunities
When you begin your new job search, think outside the box. Just because you’ve worked in one specific industry for many years, doesn’t mean you cannot use those skills in a different industry. Be open to new job opportunities in different fields of work. Sometimes you will have developed skills in other fields that you never thought about. Research new and different job opportunities and try to select jobs that truly interest you. Don’t choose a job for the amount of money you can make, you should choose a job you enjoy doing. There is nothing worse than going to a job every day that you hate.
Prepare for your next move
Before you rush into job hunting, take a little time to think about your personal and career priorities before planning your next move. You might want a similar role in the same industry that you just left, or perhaps even make the jump into freelancing or consultancy. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and does your skills and experience justice. Don’t dwell on the fact you lost your job and instead focus on what you can offer the next employer.
What do you enjoy doing, and what do you do well?
Focus on the things that you both enjoy and do well and write them down. Narrow the list down to around four or five things and use it as the basis of where to focus your job search. You can also take to social media and connect with people who are working in the industry that interests you. Sign up to forums, read blogs and find out what it’s really like to do what you would love to do. But if you are still struggling to find a career based on your skills and passions, you could always take an aptitude test or perhaps even ask your friends for feedback. You might be surprised what they have to say about your skills and weaknesses.
Your dream job is there for the taking
Unemployment doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Many positive things can come from losing a job. The key is to be optimistic and confident in yourself. You might not have been able to control becoming unemployed; however, you can control your future by staying focused on the positive things you can do to change your employment situation. But remember, you won’t really find out what you love to do unless you give it a go.

By Sally Writes

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The Healing Power of the Horse

The Healing Power of the Horse

Winston Churchill once said: “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man,”. However, Allan J. Hamilton, MD, Professor of Surgery at the University of Arizona, might add that there is also something inside the mind of a horse that is good for human beings. He has found that bringing cancer patients and their families together with horses can create life-changing experiences, and have both physical and psychological benefits.

Physical benefits

Cancer patients undergo intense treatments and often long periods of inactivity which result in a loss of physical strength and muscle power. Horse-riding can gently improve strength, balance and coordination.

Psychological benefits

The benefits, however, reach far beyond the physical: not all patients will choose or be able to ride, yet they can benefit enormously from equine therapy. When they bond with and learn to trust horses through grooming, leading or handling, the fear and sense of powerlessness which often comes with a cancer diagnosis can be replaced with a feeling of control. Learning to handle a horse brings a feeling of pride in what the patient has achieved and results in improved confidence and self-esteem. Dr Hamilton says: “[Patients] can learn skills to help them be in control rather than out of control. They can be a participant, rather than a victim.”

The calming presence of a horse can reduce stress for a patient, and in their book, ‘Horse Sense and the Human Heart’, psychotherapists Adele and Marlena McCormick describe how horses read body language and are capable of remarkable responses to people: “Time and time again we have watched our horses offer simple gestures of comfort and affection.”

In addition, spending time with horses is a welcome distraction from the fears and stresses caused by living with cancer, as well as an opportunity for patients to spend time with people other than medical staff and so feel less isolated.

The whole family

It’s important to involve the family in the therapy because the whole family is affected by cancer. Young cancer patients who spent four days with horses at the Equine Assisted Therapy Retreat in Tucson, Arizona, together with their parents, tackled exercises with the horses designed to improve communication and coping skills. The course helped to improve the relationships between children and their parents, who are often targets for the children’s anxieties and frustrations and can become symbols of the treatment for the children. At the end of the course, parents said their children were more confident and had a more positive outlook on life.

And we must remember, a patient’s emotional well-being is vital to the outcome of their treatment.

Written by Sally Perkins

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The Big D is back again

12390917_926930850747679_4183669030451791365_nIt has been a struggle in the last few days with that big D word again, I try to ignore it, but it keeps tapping me on my shoulder. Why it is here I do not know, I work hard I believe in what I am doing, I support peoples journies, but still, the big D sits on me. Will I ever be free of it? will I ever find my independence and value of life, or is this my journey forever? If it is, I do not complain, for as long as people need the wisdom from others achievements, from the struggles and life tools, I am here to celebrate them. But still, that big D sits on me bring me down, slowing me down, telling me that this is all there is and to be of service to others is my purpose. I embrace that, I love that, but sometimes I feel that is all I am, just a service to others and not to myself. Yes, it is the big D talking, but its voice is loud and clear and at times drowns all hope out.
Maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe the big D will be gone, I will continue on for what else is there, I will not let it beat me, but strive to find joy somewhere somehow and feel it override the big D.
Sara Troy
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Dream your dream into reality


The end of a day must be as calming as the start of a day, for in your dreams you are laying foundations for what is to come, and when you awake in your knowingness you are guided to what can make those dreams come true. Dream well and welcome a new day with enlightenment.


Where do the seeds of our possibilities grow?

Where do our dreams come from?

Where do we find the courage to build that dream?

Where do we find the knowledge to succeed?

That desire that lays within you is that a dream? that energy called excitement that is unleashed on an idea that became a dream.

We need dreams for they are the foundation of all that is, all that can be. So how do we honour that dream, that idea? how do we fuel it into a picture that can be seen?

Paint the picture, vivid and alive so that you are clear on what it is, start seeding and watering the idea into action. Nurture it protect it, allow it to grow in its own light and then guide it gently along its path to live.

Never give up on your dream, but remember visions change so do the directions of dreams. As long as the core of that dream is still alive, the redirection is just the universe showing you what you need to fulfil that core and make the vision happen.

Be willing to take a totally new path, for it may be the path to that dreams meaning. Remember to be aware of those around you and interact, for you never know who may have that nugget of info you need to grow.

Remember to be patient for dreams do not manifest overnight, and only grow at the rate they are meant to along with you loving care and conviction.

In the end, your dream may look totally different in reality, but as long as you have been true to the meaning of the dream, the core, the principle, the authenticity, then what you have now, is what you were always meant to have…this I know all too well.

So dream well, dream big, but be prepared to take action in all directions to fuel this dream into fruition, nothing happens by just dreaming it, you have to action on that dreams to build it.

I had a dream, I thought it was to be taken in one direction but was redirected to another. When I first started the journey, I had no idea that this was my dream all along. I got out of my way and kept walking forward in belief and purpose, not I am where I should be and know what wonders lay before me, I love who I am doing what I am doing because I fed the core, was flexible but steadfast and willing to bend but stay strong.

You too can live you meaningful purpose dream.

Sara Troy.

Owner.Host. The operator of Self Discovery Radio and The Art of Positive Living. 

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A Parents Approving Praise its not wanted anymore


Our children grow up seeking our approval, pleasing Mum or Dad looking to know they have done something right. They look at you with those enthusiastic eyes and do things with such eager intent it is heart warming.


You can do no wrong in their eyes, a hug from Mama, a smile and well done, went so far and gave them the encouragement to explore more ways of pleasing you. They were adventurous, making things for you, drawing pictures that they took such pride in and putting on plays to act out for you. It was wonderful and I still have a lot of my children’s art from that time. They were innocent loving creatures of a pure heart.

Then they hit the teenage years, and now you can’t to anything right and the last thing they want to do is please YOU. Now all you do is get in their way, stop them from living their dreams by dampening their spirit, or so they think and totally believe. They are caught up in the transition of becoming an adult and while hurrying to be older they are also resisting leaving childhood. Conflicts galore.

images-1Then they are young adults, working, living, arguing and pointing out how everything wrong it the world was our doing, and they will do it so much better than us. After all, they are young so must know everything right? Little do they know and until they grow older sampling the wares of life, do they understand just how hard life really is. All those ideals are not so clear anymore because reality has set in and now faced with the truth, they understand just how hard it is to change a systematic pattern that has been around a very long time.

The party days grow fewer, the workload heavier, another person to care for or maybe even more, life has suddenly hit them in the head and now they too are caught in the cycle of life. Do they see their parents differently then? Sometimes, and so many times not. Depending on how you have brought up your children, opening the minds to the world, showing them the diversity, or not, is the way they will interact and connect with anything and everyone. The more they traveled, explored learned about other cultures, they more their minds hearts and souls opened. But if they did not, all they have to draw from is the little world they came from.

downloadIf you as a parent have traveled even lived in others countries you will bring a certain influence to their world, but they are still governed by the limitations of theirs. So, encouraging your children to travel and open up their minds is so very beneficial to their lives. I was lucky to have lived in 3 countries already when I had my children and had traveled a lot. I made sure we took our kids traveling, not as much as I would have liked but some, so they could be open to other ways of cultures. I encouraged an open dialogue at the dinner table, asking those questions to learn from. I encouraged them to travel on their own, even if it was a bit nerve racking for me as a parent as I understood the lifelong benefits from it.

I was lucky to have lived in 3 countries already when I had my children and had traveled a lot. I made sure we took our kids traveling, not as much as I would have liked but some, so they could be open to other cultures ways. I encouraged an open dialogue at the dinner table, asking those questions to learn from, open their wonderment to the world and embracing that is different, encourage the questions and don’t be afraid to answer them. I encouraged them to travel on their own, even if it was a bit nerve racking for me as a parent as I understood the lifelong benefits from it, opening up to all that is life.

I was hoping that with their world perspective they would understand mine, but alas, not. My children still see me as just Mum, not the world traveler I was, not the wisdom I have gained, not the insight I have, but still just Mum. How do we open their minds to see you for who you are not just someone who birthed them or raised them? How do they see you as a person in your own right? How do you show them who you are and what you stand for? YOU HAVE TO GO OUT AND LIVE FOR YOURSELF.

images-3Living for you, embracing you, owning you, empowering you will show them who you are. They may not like seeing you as a person and not just their Mum or DAD, BUT, this is your life and living for you, does not mean you don’t love them any less, but only that you are here to do more with your life.

They like to know their parents are there for them, secure stable and with always an open door. They like to know that we are there for them any time no matter what. As parents, we try to be, we want to be interactive in their lives, we want a connection with our children, but we also want our children to see us as adults who have already wanted the path that they are on. We may have more dreams ourselves, more to do in life, more directions to take and most certainly embrace the changes before us. We are not over yet, we still have so much more to do, just like them.

Many a parent has lost the connection with their child because the child would not accept who they are outside of being a parent, this is on them, their choice that they must own, we cannot take it on. We strive through life to find and live in an authentic identity, we strive to find a meaningful purpose, we strive to learn to love ourselves and we seek to love life and live it to its fullest. This is the journey of life that all of us in some way, are journeying.

I am not the same person I was when I raised my children, I am not that woman who only lived for her kids, I am still a loving Mother who loves her children, that will never change, but I am also now a woman who has a life of her own life. My children will ALWAYS be so very important to me, their wellbeing, their soul fulfillment their joy in their heart, and the growth of their purpose is what I long for. I suppose there comes a time where you have to stop being a parent to them and invite them to see you as a person in your own right. Do you stop being a parent? NEVER for that is built into our very DNA, but it does mean we go and live our lives for ourselves, making us a happier person that can bring to the children’s table our strength our love and our knowledge.

They like to know their parents are there for them, secure stable and with always an open door. They like to know that we are there for them any time no matter what. As parents, we try to be, we want to be interactive in their lives, we want a connection with our children, but we also want our children to see us as adults who have already walked the path that they are on. We may have more dreams ourselves, more to do in life, more directions to take and most certainly embrace the many changes before us. We are not over yet, we still have so much more to do, just like them.

e12fef61e09b63849525e9230dc79907So, although you will always be the parent, do not forget to be the person you are. Man, or Woman who also is a Dad and a Mama, do not lose your identity, do not sacrifice yourself just so a child will love you, for is they really love YOU, they will love the whole of you and realize what an asset you are to their lives.

To all you parent’s out there facing this crossroads, hold on to your inner strength, stand tall in your being, and invite them to see you in all your glorious light, for it is that light that shines the way for them.


Always a Loving parent

Sara Troy

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Depression has raised its ugly head again.

I was doing so well, keeping it at bay, but it has been tugging at my strings for a few weeks now and I cannot fight it anymore, depression is back.

12360103_10153131464371415_4429943199622490046_nI try to stay positive, doing the work I do interviewing people who are making such a wonderful difference in the world and their own living in meaningful purpose keeps me upbeat, but not even that helps right now.

I just feel the despair of the world, the hate the fear the cripple ignorance and unwillingness to be a part of the solution rather than its problem.

I try to live in simple joy, to love life and all its blessings, to seek out the possibilities that we can do and make opportunities in doing them. But, everything feels like an uphill climb a road block a waste of time.                                                                                                                                   Art by Natasha

I know that my soul and heart believe in humanity and believe in love and believe we can do better, but then I see the news the embracement of hate the ignorance of fear and I wonder why I do it. Why do I speak of love life light joy, hope, and possibilities if the world is so hell bent on hating destroying killing and the loving of living in fear?

Because if I don’t I may as well give up now, I may as well curl up and die, I may as well give in and be a speck of dust for that is all I would be if I stopped trying stopped caring stopped loving the possibility of life.

So what do I do? Do I walk away from 4 years of radio interviews of those who embrace the wonders of life?  Do I retreat and fade away? Do I just go back into mindlessness and be nothing stand for nothing care for nothing?

This is my time to reflect, to rethink, to try and renew my passion for the planet for the people in it for the wonders that could be for the joy of living if we only try. I will over the Christmas period I will take a good hard look at my life and see where it is meant to go. I am the only one person who believes that we can if united heal our world and each other in it. Am I wrong? Should I go on? Is it time to call it quits?

Depression does hurt, and NO a pill does not help, when it gets hold of you, it distorts your world and everything in it. All I can do is hope that I can overcome again and rise above it, all I can do is go in and find a place where love resides and my soul can thrive once more.

The illusion is the way people chose to see me, I am strong and fight for the rights for others to live in freedom dignity empowerment love and peace, but I battle with finding it within me.

downloadThis too will pass, I hope, my dog is at my feet, for she knows I need her love. I will put on a brave face for my kids and be that cheers and the Christmas feast. But in my heart and soul I know my spirit is hurt and it will take global love and the healing of the planet to make it free once more.

I do not write this for pity but to bring awareness of the negative energy out in the world and how it affects people like me like you. Please stop hating hurting killing not caring, for if we want this planet to grow in love in joy in purpose and in truth, we must step up and be its solution, be all its needs, and come together will love and build that divine bridge to peace.

I wish you all a very wonderful life and may you come together in joy love kindness and raise our GOOD VIBRATIONS so we can heal our world.

Sara TROY 

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How to beat rejection



Writers have a special relationship with rejection.  When I first began as a writer (before email) and sent a manuscript off to publishers you could usually tell when it was the beginning of the month by the thud of a rejected manuscript dropping through the letterbox.  I remember one time I had a manuscript rejected by return of post!  As a writer, more than most creatives, you have to develop a very thick skin pretty early on.

When I was teacher, (I used to run a Master’s program in Creative Writing), students would fear rejection and I would tell them that it’s a badge of honour.  Firstly it means you have actually completed a novel, not everyone who starts a book finishes it. Secondly you found the courage to send it out for appraisal.  OK they didn’t like it and you probably didn’t get back a letter explaining why, but was it sent to the right person to start with?  What can you learn from the experience?

It’s pretty much the same with relationships.  The reason many relationships fail is because one doesn’t apply the same logic to ‘love’ as your manuscript.

Is this the right person for me?  What do they like?  What have we got in common?
What have they published (or dated) before, how did that work out?  Are they open to discussion?  Do they go out there looking for new talent or wait for it to come to them?  Is there a writers’ conference you could go to meet agents and editors in person and pitch to?  Does that even work?  What if they don’t like the look of you? Or hate your pitch?  What then?

Matching is a science. is successful because they use an algorithm to ‘match’ your needs and desires to another person and if they coincide enough on the scale, then the chances are you’ll like each other and form a bonding.  Well, you have to do that with your creative work too and the specific people you might pitch to.

rejection-picture-quotesYou have spend months, sometimes years working on your book, with luck you will have also shown it to first readers and taken onboard their feedback and made changes.  Believe me, if you think you can write a book that doesn’t need changes you really aren’t ready to show it anyone yet.  A novel needs a collaborator, that reader to make it real.  We aren’t just talking about errors of punctuation or spelling.  We are talking about whether a character is convincing, or a given situation works.  I can cite many instances when a readers input has made my work better, from the angle of a gunshot wound, to how a girl might react to a specific situation or even what they are wearing or might eat.  This is important, because if your reader cares enough to worry about a detail, he or she has already accepted the character is real.

It’s tougher to sell a novel now.  You will see agents on-line who will say just send me five pages.  I know this is true because my former editor would reject a book from reading just one page and if it didn’t grab her she was only too happy to reject as there would be several hundred a month to get through, every month and with the best will in the world, your work has to be very special indeed if it can cut through an agents or editor’s wall of indifference.  Who could blame them?

So it is incredibly important to read the guidelines.  It is just as hard to get an agent as a publisher and the Writer’s Handbook will tell you that few, very few, have a door open and even there they will reject 95% of them because they don’t match their tastes or requirements.  Still writing Vampire books?  Didn’t you know that is so over?

To avoid rejection you will have to do a great deal of research.

You have to find the agent who likes your genre (check their website and they will gladly tell you what they dislike, what they want from you and follow the submission guides to the letter. Don’t waste their time).

Or find the publisher that needs a fresh take on an old subject or more rarely, something unique.  It’s one of the anomalies of publishing that everyone wants something new but no one wants something completely different, as they don’t know how to pitch it to their sales people.

Even more important than what you have written now, is your presence on social media.  Got one million followers on Facebook or Instagram, they will probably come to you.  If you are an old curmudgeon like me who loathes Facebook and doesn’t follow anyone anywhere – publishers and agents will pass you over, even if you have written something terrific.  It’s a changed world.  If you aren’t shaping the world around you, they aren’t going to do it for you.  Marketing budgets have been slashed.
The truth is, it is easier to reject than accept.  It’s not them, it’s you.

So now you know. Treat your great novel with respect.  If you get advice, act on it. Revise, rethink, re-title, sometimes editors can just hate a title. Work at your opening lines, check there really is a plot and that characters are ‘real’ and have clearly visible different identities. If you love a particular novel by someone – ask yourself why does that work so well? What was so special about it that it got across the minefield of the selection process? I used to say to my students you are here to read as well as write. Was Gone Girl a success because of who she knew, or simply because it was a terrific tightly plotted pacy thriller? (It’s the latter if you must know).

Applying dating techniques to find acceptance.  (Er, I’m not talking Tinder here, as multiple submissions are still frowned upon).

Every writer has been rejected, some many times.  Each scar is a badge of honour.  If you are lucky enough to get a useful comment, heed it, it might prevent the next editor from dismissing your work.

Remember this, rejection is just a stop on the eventual path to success.  Or as my ex says – another door stop on the way to oblivion …. she’s such a joker.

© Sam North December 2015
author of Diamonds – The Rush of ’72 and Another Place to Die: Entime Chronicles
Sam also joint edits

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We are the leaders in our own life

The journey forward is personal but also collective, the more we include those that can enable us the more cohesive and stronger the path will be. But who are the leaders that will safely guide us forward in our collective energy which will unite the world?
Can we turn to the leaders of today, the religious realm, the politicians, the governments and health sector, can we trust them to lead us mind body and soul? By past experience the answer is a resounding NO.
Three things wrong with our leaders today, Ego, lack of integrity and their fear of losing control. They may start off with good intent, but the contamination of what has been before is just too deep and they cannot escape the sewage of economic greed that governs this world. It is time for a complete rebuild from the start up and the principles that guide the new leaderships have to be serving the individual in order to serve the collective. Help the one to stand tall and you will help the world stand firm and strong.

No matter the advances we make in technologies innovations or cosmic awareness, we are as humans dumb. Fear, greed, insecurity and a longing to belong dictates our very way or life. We don’t care who gets hurt along the way as long as it isn’t us. We fear that we have to make a choice in our own lives because we are conditioned to follow like sheepeople blindly walking into slaughter without any accountability to our own lives. But when we don’t like the results, we sit there crying over how hard done by you are and blame someone else, never ourselves.

Collective conciseness is about knowing and being aware of soul, true connected self, heart, honesty and a desire to learn more to enable the world to unite in a belief (not a religion) but a faith in mankind to do the right thing for ones fellow man and this wondrous world we live in. It is about standing up taking ownership to be willing to be vulnerable and trust, simple trust and extend the hand to another with care understanding and a desire to help them move forward into their own awareness and freedom.
When we had to count on each other for survival security and joy as a village, one took time to make sure everyone was in harmony because it served the whole village. Someone needed help the village was there, they shared in good times as well as bad and shared happiness in truth in sincere joy also.

NO this is not pie in the sky idea, those that spurn this concept that are a big part of the problem. They have bought into it is all bloody miserable so you can’t do anything about it so why try. Those people never solve anything because they have already given up and are as much dead weight at the ones that caused the problems. Just to sit there and spout what is wrong and how everyone is f—ked serves no one without a solution to the problem. No one wants to hear how bad it is but wants to know how to make it better, we are all very much aware of the wrongs in the world but how do we solve the problem without walking the same path as the leaders did?
Choices, free will belief, action, and commitment. It is all up to us. If we take ownership of our own thoughts, actions and beliefs, then we become a part of the solution. It takes YOU to make this a better world, not a world leader. You cannot complain if you do nothing to help out. Life living action is all about attitude. Do you believe in anything? do you do anything to make things better? Do you speak to hope? Do you think positive thoughts? Do you look to the brightness of life or do you buy into the misery? Your life is your choice, your action your belief, so if it is not living up to expectation then do something about it.

We are the leaders of the world, one positive person with belief and in commitment to take action to make your day better and passing the good vibration on. If we stand in our own truth, speak from the heart, speak with integrity, do not take things personally but do our very best to make our own lives a better place to live in, if we don’t judge or assume but listen and feel, we one by one make this a better world to live in.

It is up to you, are you a world leader in your own life? Are you a solution to your own problems, are you a person who is willing to give of themselves to help others. Are you a person who lives in belief? Are you a person who gives a dam? Are you a person who is willing to act of your belief and make your life better in order to make those around you lives better?
Simply put are you a part of the solution or the problem? Only you in your honesty can speak to this, and it is only your action that can lead to inner and outer balance, it is up to you, so what are you going to do about it? And when are you going to act on it?
You want to talk about it email me I would love to hear from you.
Good luck

Sara Troy 


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The Ripple Effect of life is but in the single drop

The Ripple Effect of life is but in the single drop.
Sara Troy

y Self Discovery Radio Host/Producer and Co/interviewer at Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine

People look for the big bang, the big event, the redirect, but it is that one single drop that changes our direction, that drop then another and another, rippling out into our possibilities.

Look to the small things, the subtle things for those are the ones that will have the biggest impact. Our thoughts, our feelings, our words, and our actions are those ripples in life and they do have an impact on every single drop of life around us.

Speak in a way you would want to be spoken to, make others feel good feelings, use words that are kind and inviting, and think before you speak, and choose to resonate in positive vibrations.

We are all seeking change, wanting life practices to be more mindful and respectful, that change starts with us and ripples out to all in our arena.

I speak to this on my show, on how we can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others, join me and share yours.

Sara Troy

Producer/Host on Self Discovery Radio

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