Discovering Your True S.E.L.F

A Discovery of Self

Discovering Your True Self by embracing who you are. 

I am Sara Troy and I am here to help you in Discovery of your True Self 

S.E.L.F = Soul Empowered Loving Fulfilment

We help you to discover your S.E.L.F by knowing who you really are and the very purpose of your authentic life and its compatibility and relationship with self. When we have that understanding of self we are more informed on how to react and interact with the world. Communication is key and speaking from your authenticity opens people up to truly listen to you. 

S.E.L.FSara Troy started the “The Art of Positive Living” in 2001 and has been teaching personality self-identity and soul development for over 16 years using tools from 42 years of accumulated knowledge. Sara is also a spiritual counsellor by God’s design and who can see the possibilities of your purpose in life and can draw you a map in getting to where you are meant to go, but you have to walk it.  She has an unbridled passion for helping people to live in the full embracement of self in their knowingness.

Discovery of S.E.L.F presentation 


In order to embrace one’s self, we first need to know ourselves for we can not embrace our own life’s gift until we know why we are here and who we really are. 

Your 3 steps to your Wholeness and Knowingness are but a click away.

I use 3 steps to discover your true S.E.L.F, a simple process of filling out forms followed by Your Discovery summary done by Skype or phone.

Discovering S.E.L.F shows you your 4 key personality traits, the perspective of how you receive your information and the Dreams of your soul, the Inspirations that invite you, the Visions that show you how to for fill your Aspirations that you have for your life; and combined with all the other tools, it gives you a whole understanding of who you are and why you think and interact the way you do.

You will use this knowledge in any avenue of your life, for it is you defined.

Your View of life shows us where you are right now and what unknown obstacles are in your way of living a full life. By embracing what is unknowingly blocking you, we are then able to address these issues that stop you from moving forward in life.

Awakening the soul within, helps you connect to your soul’s intellect and be guided to ignite the heart, lift the spirit and open the mind to its knowingness.

Come listen to how it can help you. 

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SOUL  Awakening. With the knowledge of self, we can now tune into your soul’s intellect and by channelling your wisdom so we may know your path ahead.  

All pricing are in Canadian funds paid through pay-pal 

 Discovering of S.E.L.F+ Your View of Life + Soul Awakening. 

The Whole Discovery of SELF  package is only $348.00 

Whole Special package ( includes Your View of Life, Discovering S.E.L.F, and Soul Awakening. You get a full written and audio summary which is done by Skype or Phone. Request your Discovery program today and lets us discover your life’s perspectives and be aware of your meaningful directions.



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As a Discoverer of a Souls Truth, I can show you an understanding of your personality traits and your communicative process, that allows you to live a life of inner truth while inviting personal abundance while building a community of like-minded/soul relationships by knowing what part people play in your life and the role you play in your own life.

Sara also owns and runs Self Discovery Radio which has over 1800 collective shows of which Sara has done 1000 of them, the radio guests share their wise global authentic diversity which inspires us to take our own journey in life. If you’re looking for an answer Self Discovery has it for you.

To see how it all works for you, let us set up a 15-minute free call so I can tell you all about it. Drop me a line and let us set in motion the Discovery of S.E.L.F today.




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