The Discovery Store


All of our radio guests have wonderful books, programs, services, support, techniques and more to help you with the tools needed to help you on your own life’s Self Discovery journey.

Our Wholeness starts in the mind with free will. When you know how to embark on the journey of healthy living in mind body spirit and soul it is so much easier to follow.  We are not meant to do it alone, and we don’t have to, these Discovery experts and their expertise and shows of inspiration, are people who have already walked the path and now share their wisdom and tools with you, it guides and encourages you to take the journey on your own divine path with the right tools and self knowledge.

We have some of the most incredible people here on Self Discovery Radio who have shared their hard earned worldly knowledge and life’s journey with you and now with tools in hand are ready to serve you on yours.

We have opened our store to you where you can find their skills and purchase them from here. Every one with a service, program, tools etc and books  will have a show for you to listen too so you can hear and feel if what they are offering you is right for you.

The Discovery Store is open for business now and will keep building from here. CLICK HERE FOR STORE